Have Books Made an Impact on Your Life?

Calling all bibliophiles! We know there are some of you in our Denver senior living center. A new book by author, Will Schwalbe, details how different literary works have impacted his life. Check out the full review of Books for Living below from our friends at 5280.

http://www.5280.com/cultureandevents/books/digital/2017/02/colorado-bookshelf-%E2%80%9Cbooks-living%E2%80%9DColorado Bookshelf: “Books For Living” | 5280 I first opened Books For Living while waiting to board a plane at Denver International Airport. As I started reading the introduction, the moment struck me as serendipitous: The book’s opening scene takes place in an airport. Author Will Schwalbe details what he’s dubbed the Reader’s Nightmare: He’s about to board a plane when he realizes he’s completely book-less. Frantically, he runs through the airport, looking for a bookstore. The final boarding call is announced over the loudspeakers, but he can’t find a single book anywhere. Faced with missing his flight or boarding the plane literarily starved, he begins to scream. The dream ends as his scream echoes.

In each stand-alone chapter, Schwalbe intimately—and anecdotally—explains a literary work’s impact on his life. His books choices are diverse (David Copperfield and The Taste of Country Cooking both find space in the pages) and sometimes his takeaways are slightly surprising: In his chapter on George Orwell’s 1984, Schwalbe contemplates the stew of isolation, addiction, and fatigue caused by our constant obsession with our screens, social media accounts, and devices. Meanwhile Girl on the Train, a 2015 suspenseful thriller, taught Schwalbe about the importance of trust—even the act of trusting blindly. To see how he arrived at such a lesson, you’ll have to pick up a copy. Read more…


We’ll Handle the Exterior and Leave the Interior Designing to You

At Neighborhood Restoration Company we pride ourselves in being experts in the Chicago roofing community. We are trained to handle your roof as if it was our own. We only use quality materials to protect you from the harsh elements outside. So you can fill the interior with the latest fashion trends, like these from IKEA, and you will know your belongings are safe.

http://www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Home/February-2017/IKEAs-New-Fashion-Forward-Collection-North-Shore-Sales-and-a-Big-Home-Show/IKEA’s New Fashion-Forward Collection, North Shore Sales, and a Big Home Show | Chicago magazine | Home & Garden February 2017 Fashion and furniture are colliding in SPRIDD, the latest collection from IKEA (ikea.com).

Launched in collaboration with emerging fashion designer Kit Neale, the pattern-rich collection revolves around four different styles. Inspired by, as the Swedish retailer puts it, “today’s nomadic youth,” the festival-friendly collection includes lightweight tents and trays, as well as dorm-worthy staples like duvet covers (twin size, of course), bean bag chairs, and storage boxes.





For Abash Rugs, Quality and Design Are Essential – D Magazine

At Lon Smith Roofing we specialize in taking care of the outside of your home. We use quality materials, and experienced roofers to ensure that your roof is a step above the rest. The reason we think it is so important, other than it adds value to your investment, is because we know how important it is to protect everything you have inside.

If you are hoping to add onto or restore your home make sure that your roof is in good condition before you begin adding things like these quality rugs.

http://www.dmagazine.com/publications/d-home/2017/january-february/for-abash-rugs-quality-and-design-are-essential/For Abash Rugs, Quality and Design Are Essential – D Magazine Abrash Rugs is a name that’s been familiar to designers since 2000, when the family-owned company opened its showroom in the Dallas Design Center. But the name itself reveals a clue into the company’s selections: It refers to the change in color that happens in rugs made with natural dyes.

“When they use a vegetable dye, even if they used the same color, the next one doesn’t come out the same,” says Fara Kayone of Abrash Rugs. That echoes the tenets behind the company she runs with her husband, Alireza: originality and quality. All their rugs are made with vegetable dyes and handspun wool—never machine made. But such high quality often means high cost.

Bucking that tradition, the couple has launched two new lines: The Swedish Collection and Luxury Modern. The fine quality they’re known for still stands, but with a fresh, modern designs and price points more accessible for younger clients. “It’s something for people with good taste but limited budget,” Fara says.

Their to-the-trade rugs from the Swedish Collection can start as low as $1,500. (Both collections still have higher price-point options, though.) The real difference comes down to design and manufacturing: The Swedish Collection features Swedish-designed rugs, while the Luxury Modern collection is created by American and European designers with rugs made mainly in Nepal and India.


Our Community is Made of Good Deeds

One of the reasons we, at Exterior Remodel & Design, love doing roofing in Omaha is because the city is filled with people who are doing good deeds. It’s all the little things that make this such a great community to be a part of. So when we see or hear of someone doing a great deed we can’t help but say thank you for making our home awesome.

Check this story about how Joey Wolfe, a team member at the Hope Center for Kids Omaha saves a squirrel. The video is worth a watch too!

http://www.omaha.com/news/goodnews/omaha-man-who-came-to-aid-of-stuck-squirrel-receives/article_1b68ba28-ed69-11e6-91b5-53b7d4085928.htmlOmaha man who came to aid of stuck squirrel You’d have to be nuts to not appreciate this. An Omaha man who came to the aid of a squirrel in danger is being honored by a national animal rights organization.

On Jan. 31, Wolfe was on his way to work when he noticed a squirrel with its head stuck in a single serve cereal bowl. Wolfe said he feared the struggling animal, which was darting in and out of traffic on North 20th Street, would be hit by a car and killed.

“It would have been really sad to come out later that day to see a squirrel with a cereal bowl on his head, dead in the street,” Wolfe said after the incident. “It would have been a tragic thing.”

Even though he was worried about getting bitten, Wolfe said he felt compelled to help and tried to brush the bowl off with a broom. When that didn’t work, he eased up to the animal and grabbed the bowl from its head. The freed squirrel ran away and scampered up a nearby tree.





5 Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Dates | 5280

Believe it our not Valentine’s Day has snuck up on us again. If you haven’t got anything planned yet don’t worry we, at St. Andrew’s Village, have been on the hunt for the perfect ideas.  If are trying to break out of the normal, fancy dinner traditions, here are a few ideas the whole family will enjoy.

http://www.5280.com/kidsandfamily/magazine/2017/01/5-kid-friendly-valentines-day-dates5 Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Dates
Learn to Bake
February 8 or 14; $55 per cake or six cupcakes
South Denver’s My Make Studio allows you to decorate your cake and eat it, too. Each of the two V Day–themed classes starts with a lesson in professional decorating.

Learn About Chocolate
February 12; $15 to $17 for kids, $10 to $12 for adults
Denver Botanic Gardens’ blooms are beautiful. But if flowers feel a little clichéd for Valentine’s Day, give yourself (and your inquisitive kiddo) a more engaging present with a workshop about cacao trees and how their beans transform into luscious chocolates. Once you know the backstory, use your newfound knowledge to create your own box of chocolates.

Enjoy Outdoor Antics At Pine Valley Ranch Park
All Month; Free
Less than an hour’s drive from Denver, Pine Valley Ranch Park is an idyllic setting for a winter excursion. Besides the six miles of hiker-only footpaths (we like the 0.8-mile Park View Trail), you’ll find an island featuring a Chinese pagoda, a warming hut complete with a fireplace. Read more…

A Last Minute Treat

We tried to remind you yesterday, but we get it, it was Monday and you had a lot going on. You forgot to make those reservations. Now you are in a tight spot with no plans, but fear not Interstate Roofing is here to save the day again.

We scoured the internet to find a place where you can pick up a last minute treat that is sure to make you look prepared.

http://gazette.com/bakeries-prepared-for-valentines-day-crushes-luckily-for-their-forgetful-customers/article/1596653Bakeries prepared for Valentine’s Day crushes – luckily for their forgetful customers
On Tuesday, the lobby of Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery will fill up with forgetful lovers.

Some will order heart-shaped cookie cakes adorned in icing with “Honey,” “Baby” or “Boo Bear.” Others will opt for the traditional romantic fare of chocolate-dipped strawberries and cheesecakes. The most desperate among them will go with “whatever you have left” or “whatever you think she’d like.”

A few will be women. Most will be men.

“We’ll cover all their butts, make it look like they planned it all out,” said Erin Rodda, the bakery’s general manager.


Colorado Springs, Do You Have Plans for Valentine’s Day?

If you are one of our Colorado Springs roofing clients, and you haven’t made a plan for Valentine’s Day your time is running out! Bad things happen to those who don’t remember, or procrastinate so long they run out of options. So we are looking out for you and we found a few ideas you might still be able to use if you hurry.

http://www.pikes-peak.com/valentines-day-pikes-peak-region/Check out these 5 Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day in the Pikes Peak region
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the Pikes Peak region has some fool-proof ideas to impress that special someone in your life. Between ice sculptures in Cripple Creek, carriage rides in Old Colorado City and a perfectly lovely high-tea at Miramont Castle, you’re sure to have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. Here are 5 very different events for 5 very different Valentine’s dates.


Don’t Delay, Make Your Valentine’s Reservation Today!

It is easy to get caught up with work and life and forget that Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW and at Neighborhood Restoration Company, we understand that. Your wife, girlfriend or significant other might not be so understanding though. If you start calling now you might have just enough time to sneak in that reservation and no one will know that you almost forgot. If you are having a hard time picking where to go here is a list from our friends at Dining out Magazine to get you started.

http://diningout.com/chicago/be-our-valentine/Be Our Valentine – DiningOut Chicago
Love is in the air! Bars and restaurants throughout Chicago are getting in the romantic spirit this weekend to get a head start on celebrating Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re heading out on the town tonight, tomorrow, or not until Tuesday, we have the best places to wine and dine with your special someone…



Don’t Forget Your Valentine’s Day Reservations

Valentine’s day is here and your favorite Dallas roofing company, Lon Smith, wants to make sure that you have something planned. If Valentine’s Day snuck up on you this year here is a list of restaurants to start calling to see if you can still sneak in that reservation!

http://www.guidelive.com/food-and-drink/2016/02/11/20-plus-places-dine-valentine20-plus places to dine with your valentine Chocolate, steak and lobster are Valentine’s Day staples, but dinner doesn’t have to be just traditional surf and turf and layer cake. This year, make plans to try some new takes, including six-seafood ceviche and beer-can chicken made with a local brew. Reservations are recommended and sometimes required; check with each restaurant for more details. Find additional menus linked in the far right column under “Goes Well With…”






Don’t forget it’s Valentines day!

In the northern part of our state is a small town with a population of just under 3,000 but in February this small town will get 40,000-50,000 pieces of mail sent through it’s post office. That town is Valentine, NE. All of the mail is, of course, Valentines cards, wedding invitations, and other love notes that the town will stamp with special valentine hearts.

We at Exterior Remodel & Design want to wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day and check out more about this awesome Nebraska tradition below.

http://www.omaha.com/news/goodnews/thousands-of-letters-and-packages-flow-into-valentine-to-be/article_4c617315-8229-58b0-aaaa-6c537d39bcfc.htmlThousands of letters and packages flow into Valentine to be stamped with symbols of the holiday of love | Good News | omaha.com Each February, outgoing mail is postmarked in Valentine, Nebraska. The post office uses several stamps, including “Crossroads of the Sandhills” and “Heart City” designs. The stamp at top left was designed nearly two decades ago and is popular with customers.

A typical note to Valentine Postmaster Arlene Paulson requesting a hand stamp cachet. The post office handles about 50,000 cachets each year, most of them in February for the Valentine’s Day holiday. Paulson displays several similar notes in a glass case in the post office lobby.

Arlene Paulson, Valentine postmaster, works through some of the hundreds of letters that arrive daily during February seeking the post office’s special Valentine’s Day cachets.

Corrine Pascoe of Valentine selects a rubber stamp to apply a commemorative cachet to one of more than 50 letters she stamped and mailed Saturday at the Valentine Post Office.