3 Basic Types of Lighting


Mustard yellow chairs lined at the kitchen island add dining space to the connected dining room. A dining room light fixture, kitchen pendants and recessed lighting combine for a bright finish. The gray and white backsplash extends the height of the wall for an accent to the room.

Lighting is something that requires a lot of attention to detail, ask your Highlands Ranch electricians about what would work best for your home. Take a look at these basic types of lighting designs so you can have a good understanding of how each type works.

The single most important concept in creating a good lighting plan for the home is to use an array of different types of lighting. “My best advice whatever you’re doing, whatever you want to achieve, is to create three layers of lighting—ambient, task and accent,” says Patricia Rizzo of the Lighting Research Center. Too many people make the mistake of expecting one type of lighting to do it all. Each type meets a particular need.

Also called general lighting, ambient lighting provides overall illumination for a room, and is intended to create a uniform light level throughout a space, independent of any special lighting that may be needed in targeted areas of a room. In most home settings, when a person steps into a room and flips on a switch, ambient lighting illuminates the space. Ambient lighting takes many forms, including: ceiling-mounted or recessed fixtures that direct light downwards; wall sconces or floor-lamp torchieres that wash the walls with light; cove, soffit and valance lighting that bounces light off ceilings and walls.

Targeted to a particular area of a room, task lighting is intended to illuminate a specific function. Areas of a home that require task lighting include kitchen counters where food will be prepared; living room seating areas where reading will take place; and home office desk surfaces where paperwork will be done. In a kitchen, under-cabinet lighting provides task lighting for a countertop; in a living room, a table lamp is often used for task lighting to accommodate reading.

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