What to Do in San Antonio – Have an Adventure in Texas’ Best Sightseeing Destination

San Antonio is one of Texas’ true gems and a unique city that also happens to be the state’s most significant historical center. Aside from historic buildings, however, San Antonio offers a wealth of fun and exciting experiences that are just waiting for you to discover.


  1. The Natural Bridge Caverns


To start you out on your adventure, the Natural Bridge Caverns is one of the most amazing places you can visit when you’re in San Antonio.


These spectacular caves form the largest network of commercial caves in Texas, and are situated only 30 minutes from the city. Aside from touring the caves, you can also try the Canopy Challenge, or just relax around the site getting delicious foods, fudge and souvenirs.


  1. Mini Adventures Around the City


There is no better place in Texas to enjoy fun mini adventures that will have you get acquainted with some of the city’s most unique and thrilling places.


The River Walk is the best example, as well as one of San Antonio’s most famous centerpieces. Set below street level, this unique place is a marvel for anyone, from people just looking for a quick stroll or meal, to those who prefer a more daring adventure aboard the barges that cruise down the river.


Other unique places to have a quick adventure include the Market Square and the many zoos and theme parks of San Antonio, including the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, the San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium and the Splashdown San Antonio wet park.


  1. The Alamo and Other Historic Places


Everyone knows about the famous battle of The Alamo in 1836 – one of the most well-known battles in US history. Present today in San Antonio and established as a UNESCO World Heritage site, The Alamo is a must-see attraction if you’re a first-time visitor.


Many other important historical sites are also found in San Antonio, including the San Antonio Missions, established by the Franciscan Order in the early 1700s and also recognized today as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Finally, you should definitely see the Roman Catholic San Fernando Cathedral, a marvel of architecture and one of the earliest cathedrals ever built in the US, by settlers from the Canary Islands in 1750.

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