How to Get Your Basement Lighting Right

The lights used to enlighten maximum part of basement, simply looks exemplary. Specially hanging lights used lighten up the modern pool table is simply outstanding.

Completing your basement might be one of the last things you do when renovating your home.  The key to a perfect basement is ensuring the lighting is correct. We suggest hiring your local Centennial electrician to help with your basement needs.  Whether your fixtures or hanging or set within the ceiling, the lighting should show off your newly designed basement, not darken it.

Basements are the ultimate blank canvas. Should you go with a man cave or a family room? An entertaining zone or an extra living space? No matter what purpose you choose, for the basement to truly be a part of the home, you need to light it that way. Tossing in a few lamps just won’t do the trick. Basements have their own special challenges, like low ceilings and a lack of windows, which make proper lighting especially important. But how do you get it? Here are some ideas that will help brighten any basement area.

The most common type of lighting in a basement is recessed. But, like in the rest of your home, the lighting should be layered, with ambient light augmented by task lighting and accent lighting.Pendants are a great source of task lighting, as seen here in the pool table and bar.

How to Get Your Basement Lighting Right


The Grandparent Boom! Record Number of U.S. Grandparents

The baby boom has become the grandparent boom: There are now more grandparents in the U.S. than ever before — some 70 million, according to the latest census. That’s a 24 percent increase since 2001.

One of the greatest parts about working within senior living in Abilene is all of the visits we get from grandchildren! It is always a joy to see families visit and to see all of the little ones grow up!

The same boomers who famously doted on their children are now lavishing attention on the next generation — and with an average of five to six grandchildren per grandparent, that can mean quite a financial investment. An AARP study showed that 25 percent of grandparents have spent more than $1,000 in the past year on their grandchildren. It is spent on gifts as well as vacations. An entire travel industry has now grown around intergenerational travel.

“Grandparenting is healthy for us,” says Lillian Carson, author of the landmark book The Essential Grandparent. “Being in touch with the younger generation literally beefs up the immune system.”

The Grandparent Boom! Record Number of U.S. Grandpaents – AARP


After 70 Years, Prince Philip is Ready to Retire

If Britain gave gold watches to retiring members of the royal family, Prince Philip and his seven decades of service would merit platinum.

Prince Philip has been a hard working man for the past 70 years or so, and it has finally come time for him to retire. We are very proud to serve senior living residents here in Denver, and love hearing about their stories before retirement. It’s amazing to see someone decide to retire at such an age, his energy is inspiring, but we have to agree, he deserves some time to relax!

Philip, who will turn 96 in June, announced this week he will retire from royal duties next fall after seven decades at the side of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning British monarch. In 2009, he became the longest-serving consort in British history.

The Prince has kept an active public calendar, which the BBC has tallied to include 22,191 solo engagements and 637 solo overseas visits. He wrote 14 books along the way.

“It says something about an individual that they get to the age of 95 before they decide to officially retire,” Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce told reporters. “It’s something to aim for.”

Even after he officially retires, Philip may still attend some public events, and the palace said he will maintain his role with more than 780 charitable organizations. In a statement, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May praised his contribution and said he will be a “huge benefit to us all for years to come.”

After 70 Years, Prince Philip is Ready to Retire – AARP


How To Plan For A New Fence

Picture this: you have just moved into your beautiful new home and your kids are dying to play outside in your large backyard. The only problem is your house didn’t come with a fence! Whether you have young kids, a dog or just like the idea of privacy in your yard, you’ve probably considered installing a fence at one point or another.

You’ve moved into a new home and your next step is to think about what kind of fencing you want. Once you have committed, you are able to begin the fence installation process at your Denver home, but what are the first few steps? You want to check on any regulations your neighborhood might have, talk to your neighbors, even think about sketching out what it will look like once it is completed.

If your house doesn’t already have one (or doesn’t have one to your liking), a fence is a great addition to your home. It can provide safety for your children or pets, conceal a swimming pool or hot tub, protect landscaping and much more. As a bonus, it is a desired feature by many, so when it comes time to sell your home years down the line, your new fence may be a deciding factor for potential buyers.

Often times, you will have more than one reason for wanting or needing a fence. You may want to keep your young kids safely enclosed while also concealing a swimming pool. In this case, a tall wood fence with tightly spaced panels will work. If you need help figuring out which type of fence is best for you, see what neighbors in similar situations have installed or consult a local fencing professional.

Before you begin your fence installation, you will want to talk to your bordering neighbors, particularly if your fence will run along property lines. It’s important to make sure that your new fence will be on your land and won’t cross over into a neighbor’s property. If needed, you can always contact a land surveyor to mark the property line for you.

How To Plan For A New Fence



Roof Problems – Signs Your Roof Needs Repaired

What can make a leak especially difficult to locate is the fact that water doesn’t necessarily drip straight down. It can travel along roof panels or lumber in the attic before dripping onto your insulation and leaving the telltale yellow water spot on your ceiling. That means the leak can be far away from where the ceiling shows damage. Unless you have good detective skills when it comes to roof leaks, you’ll want to enlist a roofing contractor to help track down the cause of the problem.

What is your roof trying to tell you? Any good Dallas roofer knows damage might not be obvious, but every homeowner should know what to look for.  There may be water spots or even stains on your roof or within your home, these should be addressed quickly so no further damage can occur.

As with water spots on the ceilings, if the damage appears or gets worse after rain, the problem is most likely the flashing. Replacing step flashing can be tough, because it has to integrate with the roof and adjacent siding, so hire a pro to tackle this job and stop the leak. One other possibility: Crowe says places where two different siding materials butt together and leave gaps or leaky windows could also be to blame.

“Granules do come off, and they do collect in the gutters,” Crowe says, adding that some loose granules are not necessarily a cause for concern. However, if you suddenly notice a lot of the granules flowing out of the downspouts every time it rains, the next step is to get on a ladder and examine the shingles to see if they look “exposed” because most of the granules are gone.

Roof Problems – Signs Your Roof Needs Repaired


Illinois Homeowner Sues Zillow Over Home’s ‘Zestimate’

This could lead to some interesting developments down the road. Knowing the value of your home is incredibly important for any sale, but don’t rely on any one source. If you need help finding the value of your home, we’d be happy to help.

Any home sale is going to be stressful, but the professionals at My Fast Home Buyers can reduce that stress by offering cash for houses in Dallas and Fort Worth. Homeowner Sues Zillow Over Home’s ‘Zestimate’ | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth A homeowner in Glenview, IL is suing Zillow, claiming the site is hindering her ability to sell her home because the “Zestimate” is well below what she believes is the true value of her property.

A suburban homeowner is suing Zillow, claiming the real estate site’s estimate on the value of her home is keeping her from selling it at the price she believes it’s worth.

The so-called “Zestimate” for Barbara Andersen’s home is more than $70,000 below the current asking price for her three-bedroom townhouse in Glenview, Illinois, according to Zillow’s website.

“When I went to for sale by owner, all of sudden out of nowhere my market value from the Zestimate just started to plummet,” Andersen told NBC 5.

“When I went to for sale by owner, all of sudden out of nowhere my market value from the Zestimate just started to plummet,” Andersen told NBC 5.


3 Easy Ways to Change Your Decor for Spring

We all have a natural tendency to want to revitalize our spaces as the weather gets warmer. Sunny spring days give us the boost of energy it takes to re-organize and re-imagine the spaces we live in every day. Here are a few tips for moving from winter cozy to spring fresh.

As the weather gets nicer, our motivation to redecorate increases. The spring creates a wonderful energy, and we want our homes to represent that same feeling. My goal as an architect serving the St.Paul area is to design a space that compliments the personality of my clients, so when it is time for them to decorate, everything flows well throughout the house.

Warmer weather begs for hints of summer. Punch up the grays and jewel tones that we’re drawn to in the winter months with bright and pastel colors. Some of my favorite summer brights pair well with navy as a nice, semi-neutral base – think lighter blues or bright lime greens. Experiment with blush tones in a neutral room to keep things light.

Some of the fabrics we love in the colder months tend to feel heavy and drab now. Lighten things up by moving away from velvet, satin and brocade and replace them with linens and cottons. Read more here.



11 Of Our Favorite Events In Chicago This Weekend

This weekend is packed with great events in the city! This is what we love so much about Chicago: You can find something to do for everyone in the family.

Here are some events you might catch a few Chicago roofers attending. We hope to see you out there! Of Our Favorite Events In Chicago This Weekend: Chicagoist The first weekend in May is jam-packed with fun stuff to do around town.


KIDS + KITES FESTIVAL: The 19th annual Kids and Kites Festival gets at Montrose Harbor gets us outside for a classic springtime activity. The family friendly event will feature the Windjammers Kite Team this year with their synchronized kite flying maneuvers, and the city will provide kite kits to the kids to fly their own. You’ll surely want to stick around for the Big Kite Candy Drop and other activities like face painting, balloon animals and crafts. Free.

CHICAGO BEER CLASSIC: With all the festivals at Soldier Field, drinking on the turf seems like it’s becoming an old pastime. Continue the tradition this weekend with the 5th annual Chicago Beer Classic. There are more than just tastings (from 30+ Chicago breweries) on tap at the beer event. There will be “Beer Education,” games, activities and more, plus extra perks like a stadium tour and premium seating if you splurge for VIP. Two sessions to choose from: 11:30 a.m. or 4:30 p.m. Tickets are $65 ($95 for VIP).


CINCO DE MAYO PARADE: Head to Little Village for the real deal. The Cinco De Mayo Parade is held to remember the victory the Mexican forces had over the invading French army in the Battle of Puebla on 5 May, 1862. Parade steps off at noon. Free.

PIG ROAST: Saint Lou’s Assembly is turning one, and they’re throwing a pig roast for you to celebrate. From 4 to 6 p.m. Chef Carlos Cruz will roast up a whole pig on the patio, and it’s only going to be six dollars for meat, three sides and a draft beer. They’ll have bocce ball set up and libations from Goose Island and Hopewell Brewing Co. Suggested donations at the door will benefit The Cara Program, a local non-profit whose efforts aim toward breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty in the community.


Architectural Elements that Add Value to Your Home

Owning a home is one of your biggest investments. In order for it to pay dividends when you retire or move due to a job transfer, you need to keep everything up to date. This includes things like the plumbing, air conditioning, furnace, roof and windows. In addition to these traditional home repairs, improving the existing floor plan, adding upgrades and unique amenities can increase the value significantly and make your house stand out to buyers.

Whether you are moving on to bigger and better things, or simply wanting to improve your property, there are some design and architectural elements you can add to your home to increase the overall value. There are many residential architects in Minneapolis who understand this and want to help you add value and charm to your home. Below are some options for what you can do.

An open floor plan: Many older homes have closed off rooms that allow no connection to family and friends that are in another room. By knocking down a wall you create a beautiful open space where people can gather together and converse from the living room to the kitchen. Knocking down a wall also makes the home appear larger than it actually is, another plus when you decide to sell. The cost of removing a wall is not expensive and the benefits it brings with an increased resale value is well worth the investment.

Kitchen remodel: The kitchen is still the main room that interests potential buyers. They want space, plenty of cabinets, a pantry and yes, energy-efficient stainless steel appliances. Dressing up the walls with a neutral backsplash with also add value. You don’t have to go all out and get expensive tile floors. Many young buyers still prefer hardwood floors over most anything.

Read more here.


5 top interior design trends for 2017

Now that we’re moving into summer, we can look more closely at what the trends for the year are. Trends can be good or bad depending on whether you’re adding a few accessories to your room, or doing a complete remodel.

Trends are best for when you’re adding a few accents, but your main pieces should be able to withstand a few years’ worth of trends.

Luckily, you have a Denver furniture store that carries both timeless pieces and the trendy gems we all come to love. Stop in today and top interior design trends for 2017 – YouTube

Just in case you haven’t heard about the Milan fair, we can tell you it is big. And busy! Not only is it the world’s largest furniture trade show, but it is also where interior designers from all over the world update themselves about the future tendencies in their industry. Here’s what we saw…