WI’s Frank Lloyd Wright Trail Guides Travelers to 9 Public & Private Sites


Even among the most casual of architecture buffs, perhaps the most well known of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Wisconsin projects is Taliesin in Spring Green, followed by Wright’s architecture for SC Johnson in Racine. Now, travelers and Wright enthusiasts can add Wingspread (Racine), Burnham American System Built Homes (Milwaukee) and the First Unitarian Society Meeting House (Madison) to their must-see list as these projects and more are now a part of the newly designated Frank Lloyd Wright Trail in Wisconsin.

Whether you are a residential architect in MN or just an avid architecture fan, this guide could be of interest to you. Frank Lloyd Wright is undoubtedly one of the most commonly known architects, and this guide will take you to some of his most beautiful projects.

Nine buildings across southern Wisconsin—from private houses to public buildings—provide travelers with the opportunity to trace the steps of this world-renowned architect. The trail begins on Interstate 94 at the Illinois state line, continues to Madison and then on to Wright’s home in southwest Wisconsin.

In addition to the Wright buildings listed above, the route also includes Monona terrace Community and Convention Center in Madison, the Wyoming Valley School Cultural Arts Center in Spring Green and the AD German Warehouse in Richland Center. According to the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, the trail signage includes large freeway guide signs, route marker signs, and directional and trailblazer signs located in Richland, Sauk, Iowa, Dane, Jefferson, Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha counties.

WI’s Frank Lloyd Wright Trail Guides Travelers to 9 Public & Private Sites


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