How to Handle Roof Damage from Hail Storms

After a hailstorm, check your gutters for signs of potential roof damage. If you have large dents or cracks on your gutters, you should schedule an inspection with a roofing contractor. Damaged granules often become disconnected from the shingles and will collect in your gutter downspouts.

The storms that we endure in our area can be devastating, knowing to call your El Paso roofing contractor right away can make the repair process easier. We want to stress the importance of safety, please do not attempt to go onto your roof. Depending on the strength of the storm, the structural integrity of your roof could be compromised. There is also a possibility of seeing damage from the ground. Of course, call us right away when you see or suspect damage, so we can get your roof repaired quickly!

Older roofs are much more susceptible to hailstorm damage. “Over time, the base of the roof becomes exposed, causing deterioration, thus reducing the life and integrity of the roof,” Skrobanek says.

The damage may not be visible at first, but eventually it becomes apparent. So if you have an older roof, you should check your gutters and look for signs of damage immediately after a hail storm.

Some daring homeowners may be tempted to climb onto the roof and look for signs of damage, such as missing shingles, dimpled shingles or cracks in the shingles themselves. Skrobanek says you should resist the urge to conduct the inspection yourself, as it can be dangerous. Typically, only a professional roofer or insurance adjuster can tell if you have enough hail damage to justify a new roof.

How to Handle Roof Damage from Hail Storms.


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