The Definition of Addiction

Short Definition of Addiction: Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. This is reflected in an individual pathologically pursuing reward and/or relief by substance use and other behaviors. Addiction is characterized by inability to consistently abstain, impairment in behavioral control, craving, diminished recognition of significant problems with one’s behaviors and interpersonal relationships, and a dysfunctional emotional response. Like other chronic diseases, addiction often involves cycles of relapse and remission. Without treatment or engagement in recovery activities, addiction is progressive and can result in disability or premature death.

Addiction is something that affects everyone in some way. Knowing what it is exactly can help relieve tension and can influence change. Each different Denver rehab center defines it in their own way, depending on the individuals they are serving. It is a matter of biology and brain circuitry. These elements motivate behaviors that affect all aspects of the addict’s life.

Dive into the detailed definition to learn more.  Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Addiction affects neurotransmission and interactions within reward structures of the brain, including the nucleus accumbens, anterior cingulate cortex, basal forebrain and amygdala, such that motivational hierarchies are altered and addictive behaviors, which may or may not include alcohol and other drug use, supplant healthy, self-care related behaviors. Addiction also affects neurotransmission and interactions between cortical and hippocampal circuits and brain reward structures, such that the memory of previous exposures to rewards (such as food, sex, alcohol and other drugs) leads to a biological and behavioral response to external cues, in turn triggering craving and/or engagement in addictive behaviors.

Pasterkamp, Denver’s Favorite HVAC Specialist

At Pasterkamp Heating and Air Conditioning, we take a lot of pride in being your favorite Denver HVAC specialist. To be your favorite we always use experienced technicians, make our services affordable, and provide excellent customer service and it seems like you all agree!

Yellow Pages Reviews   5 Stars-jessie_s
The people at Pasterkamp were friendly and informative. They helped me decide on the best AC option for our home, and we’ve been comfortable ever since! I would suggest them to all of my friends, family and neighbors!

Bird Eye Reviews 5 Stars-Todd Kanaster
We’ve worked with Pasterkamp twice now. The first time was for our boiler. We thought we’d need a new boiler, but the guy (who came immediately at the end of the day!) really knew what he was doing and changed a small part. This was two years ago and still going strong. More recently, they came right over and fixed or AC. Very prompt service, courteous and knowledgeable employees, reasonable prices. Strongly recommended!

Google Reviews  5 Stars-Philip Archer
We recently purchased a new house and while our furnace was in decent shape according to our home-inspector, the motor loudly broke down in the middle of an extremely cold winter night, just a month after moving. Early that mornin, I called several HVAC shops and an HVAC technician from a large firm inspected it, confirming it was the motor, which is unfortunately an expensive repair. Pasterkamp was among the shops I called and they offered a better price to fix the motor, however. I spoke with Dirk, I’ll add, and he answered all of my questions over the phone and seemed honest, straight-forward and knowledgeable–cost alone was not my sole reason to hire them for the job. A friendly and efficient Pasterkamp technician came to our place early the next morning to fix our furnace motor and it was up-and-running in no time, which was a great relief as Denver was going through a stretch of bitter-cold temps.

I’m giving them a top review for the following reasons: they answered all of my questions; they offered a competitive price; their service was quick and efficient; and the repair has worked-perfectly. I also prefer to support local, small businesses when possible. It was highly stressful to have our furnace in our newly-purchased home break-down in the middle of winter, as one can imagine, and they provided a great service.


INFOGRAPHIC: 9 Ways Office Design Creates a Productive Workspace

The healthier your workspaces are, the happier your employees will be – which means your business will be more productive and efficient.

Everything For Offices provides a great selection of panels and tables for every kind of space you’d like to creat. We carry a wide range of ergonomic office chairs and desk options for everyone who is in need of either conserving space or helping with posture. 9 Ways Office Design Creates a Productive Workspace

Consider this statistic:

Unmotivated employees account for a loss of $450 to $550 billion each year in the United States.

Clearly, a lack of motivation severely impacts employee productivity and organizational profitability. The question that begs to be asked then is, “what can be done to combat this?”

In a recent study conducted by CBI Group, an office interior solutions provider, they found an overwhelming correlation between office design and productivity and discovered:

These findings point to the need for organizations to reconsider their office design to ensure optimal productivity. Here are tips to improve your office design and ultimately your employees’ output.



Underground vs. Overhead: Power Line Installation

Although overhead power lines are typically more economical, they are susceptible to damage from wind-borne tree branches, debris and high wind and ice-loading conditions from extreme weather. The damages can cause extended power outages that in extreme cases cannot be restored for days or even weeks. The cost for repairing the physical damages can be in the billions of dollars. During long outages after a catastrophe, there are also associated intangible impacts to a utility’s customers such as despair, discomfort, anxiety and helplessness. In addition to the intangible impacts, there are considerable direct economic impacts to customers resulting from lost economic activity, food spoilage, looting, etc. These tangible and intangible impacts challenge the electric utility industry’s attempts to justify the installation of overhead electric distribution and transmission systems.

Have you ever wondered whether or not those overhead power lines in your backyard could be installed underground? Some could argue that they are needed yet, an eyesore. But, the question is, how hard would it really be to get them underground? Our Centennial electricians understand the frustration of those who dislike the overhead lines, but understand that in some cases there is a possibility of relocation. Weigh some pros and cons of this possibility below:

Technical improvements in cable technology, wire placement, conduit sizing, grounding methods, directional boring techniques and other aspects of undergrounding power lines have advanced the reliability of underground power. They have not lowered their initial construction costs significantly, however, which are mostly associated with trenching through the earth along the entire line route. 

Underground vs. Overhead: Power Line Installation


Our Goal Is To Be The Best Roofing Company In Dallas

At JNT Developers, we pride ourselves on being the best roofing company in Dallas. We work hard so you will have the best roof, installed by top professionals, at an affordable price all while giving you superior customer service. You don’t have to take our word for it though. You can see what some of our clients are saying about us below!

Houzz Reviews Review by R King Realty: 5 Stars
I have had several properties that I hired JNT Remodelers to REHAB for me! WHAT AN OUTSTANDING JOB! A Great team that has a GREAT system for Construction. They do an outstanding job quickly! They also stand behind their work! Top Notch Team

Google Reviews Aaron Hunsicker
5 Stars
We are extremely happy to have partnered with JNT Developers on all of our commercial projects. They have always met and exceeded our expectations, as well as, our budget and timeline. JNT Developers ensured our projects went smoothly and were always quick to respond to any unexpected challenges. We absolutely love the work they delivered and look forward to working with them on our future projects.
Tara Hunsicker
Owner- Modern LUXE Salon

Yelp Reviews Lindsy H.
Allen, TX
5.0 star rating 10/26/2016
After finding out the roofer we used to replace our roof after recent hail storms may have cut corners, we were in great need of an inspection before closing out our insurance claim.

Rc2 Development, specifically the owner Ronnie, came highly recommended to us by our neighbors who used him to replace their roofs. So we gave them a call. I imagine it’s not typical a roofer receives a call to come inspect the work of a fellow roofer, but Ronnie offered to help. I spoke with Wendy, his office manager, who was extremely kind and understanding. She fit us in two days after my call.

Ronnie arrived on time with a big smile, and willing to help. He climbed our roof and took photos of what he saw. He even offered to navigate our attic, with furnace level heat, to check the work internally. He offered a professional assessment and recommendations AND then refused any payment for his time and expertise.

I wish I could advertise Rc2 all over the place. There is no question in my mind, should we find ourselves in a roof situation every again, Ronnie and the Rc2 Development team will be the first call we make.


Have You Heard What They Are Saying About Expert Roofing?

At Expert Roofing, we take a lot of pride in being your favorite Chicago roofers. We know that to be your number one choice, we need to give you the best quality roof at the most affordable price, all while providing superior customer service. We always go the extra mile but don’t take our word for it, see what other people are saying about us.

Expert Roofing – Reviews | Facebook Kevin Mathers reviewed Expert Roofing — 5 star
Excellent customer service and quality workmanship. Will work with your insurance company to negotiate the best possible outcome for you. Roof, siding, windows, they can do it all. Dave Camp and Bruce Stone are true professionals.

BBB Business Profile | Expert Roofing, Inc. | Reviews and Complaints
Expert Roofing, Inc.
Had no issues. Replaced a roof & worked with our insurance to get this done. They took care of all the paperwork and the roof looks great. I only found 2 nails and a rouge shingle in the bush, so the clean-up job was great as well. This company does door-to-door visits to inspect roofs. If the roof has hail/wind damage they recommend you make a claim with insurance and you would owe them the deductible only if the roof is fully covered. The work up the paperwork on the spot, and upon signing it, you are committing to working with this company (no shopping around or a fee is assessed… something like 10% of the job). I took a calculated risk signing the paper, and I think it was worth it.

Google Reviews Expert Roofing Inc Expert Roofing Review — 5 star

Fantastic work! I called Steve Miletic from Expert Roofing when shingles blew off my house a couple of weeks ago. He was referred to me by my friend. He was extremely helpful and professional during the whole process. He took care of my insurance and was there when the adjuster came out to asses the damage. I work long hours at work, and he was able to accommodate my schedule – being at my house as early as 6AM! Usually getting things done through your insurance is a hassle, but the service and care that I got from Steve was above and beyond of what I expected. Great work and thank you!


Your Experience is Important to Us at Lon Smith

We at Lon Smith Roofing, work hard to take care of all of your Dallas roofing repairs and address any concerns you might have. While we are in the roofing business we know that this business is just as much about taking care of our customers as it is about repairing roofs. We always work with our clients to make sure their experience with us is positive. You don’t have to take our word for it though we have an A+ rating with the BBB and 297 positive reviews! See what some of our clients are saying below.

BBB Business Profile | Lon Smith Roofing Lon Smith Roofing 4/6/2017
Michelle T.
My experience with Lon Smith Roofing has been fantastic. The inspector guided me through every step so that I would know what to expect and the best way to work with the insurance company on a claim. The project manager on the job, took the time to explain all the details and nuances of the roof, materials and installation. I have a smaller house, but Lon Smith Roofing treated me like I was worth a million dollars. Great job and very pleased!!!


BBB Business Profile | Lon Smith Roofing Lon Smith Roofing 3/31/2017
Lon Smith Roofing did a great job on our roof. They were very patient with us while we decided which type and color of roof to go with. The new low profile vents are much nicer than the old ones. We have a big roof and it took 3 days to finish. They made sure all the debris and nails were picked up as best as possible. The salesman, to the inspector to the workers, were all courteous and professional. They were vested in getting “the job done” as quickly and efficiently as possible. N Smith

BBB Business Profile | Lon Smith Roofing 3/27/2017
GREAT! This experience was so easy and helpful from beginning to end. They helped select the right product at the right cost and began removal and installation within a week. It was done in 2 days! The crews was kind and courteous, cleaned and protected the yard. They even color matched every pipe, vent, and turbine on the roof so they blend perfectly with the colors in the shingles. They also sub-contracted gutter replacement, which was done within two days following the completion of the roof. Perfect in every way.




Dwelling Suites Does Customer Service

At Dwelling Suites, we provide fully-furnished apartments for your extended stay in San Antonio. We pride ourselves in giving you a place that really feels like home while you are away. That means we take care of our rental apartments and we take care of our guests. We are in the business of customer service and your needs are our needs. You don’t have to take our word for it though see what some of our guests have said about us!

Annamarie S.
Temecula, CA
5.0 star rating
Great experience in San Antonio. We needs a temporary house for the months for business and we found this company with a house that worked and s comfortable . If we had a problem it was taken care of as soon as possible. Good for temporary housing. I recommend them. Thanks


Emma C.
San Antonio, TX
5.0 star rating
I stayed in dwelling suites for about six months last year and had a great experience! Not only are they reasonably priced, they’re located a little outside of Alamo Heights, which is a really nice area–and known to be very pricey to live.

The suites were very homey–didn’t feel like I was staying in an uncomfortable hotel. Nicely furnished, and had a comfy bed. Kitchen was stocked up on anything you needed to cook–which was nice not having to make last minute runs to the store for a strainer or can opener, or anything else you wouldn’t think to bring along.

I had a couple issues while there, one with internet connection and another with parking, which were resolved pretty much right away–so really weren’t much of an issue at all. Other than that, everything was good!

The staff was super helpful with anything I needed, and any issues I had were addressed right away. Totally made for a stress-free, enjoyable stay.

I would DEFINETLY recommend it, especially if you want to avoid paying an outrageous amount for anywhere else in the area!


Have You Heard What They’re Saying About Interstate Roofing?

Whether you are looking for Fort Collins roofing companies or a qualified team to repair your Colorado Springs roof, Interstate Roofing has you covered. We have locations across the Colorado Front Range and our experienced teams will take care of all of your roofing needs. You don’t have to take our word for it though see what some of our customers are saying about us!

Interstate Roofing Inc | Denver, CO 80211 | Angie’s List After the last hail storm, our streets were crawling with roofing companies. Our neighbor was friends with Ryan from Interstate. We were somewhat skeptical of the whole process but decided to give Ryan a chance. This was a great decision. Ryan did a great job explaining the process, keeping track of the details with the insurance company, checking in, and managing his crew. Everything occurred as scheduled, cleanup was pretty good, and the entire process went smoothly. We would recommend this company.

Interstate Roofing, Inc. of Denver, CO | Reviews from GuildQuality Customer Surveys Review by Robert S.
Colorado Spgs, CO, on Jan 30, 2017
My experience with Interstate Roofing was very pleasant. They were extremely professional in every aspect of replacing my roof.

Google Reviews Rita Morago
This is the 2nd time Interstate Roofing helped us out with a new roof. Their salesman Greg is great! He is friendly, patient and knowledgeable. The crew that came to our house was efficient and professional. They were done in one day… which I appreciate! There was a cosmetic issue where nails came through our patio, but Interstate corrected the problem and make everything look like new. We were very happy with their service and product and would highly recommend them to friends.


How To Flush Your Toilet And Waste Less Water

Earth Day just passed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to conserve on the other days. Did you know that the average American flushes 24 gallons of potable water down the toilet every single day? That’s a lot! To help you care for the Earth and for yourself, here are some tips on how to waste less water. If you run into any problems and need a sewer inspection, you know who to call! to Flush Your Toilet and Waste Less Water – Articles – Networx Americans are a contradictory bunch. We care a great deal about recycling and saving energy. (Yay!) Yet at the same time, many of us remain blissfully unaware of another essential resource that is being wasted on a regular basis. That is clean water. The average American literally flushes 24 gallons of potable water down the toilet every single day. It doesn’t have to be like that, though. There are plenty of ways to reduce how much water your toilet uses and none of them is very expensive, painful, or difficult. Let’s take a closer look.

If It’s Yellow …

Contrary to popular belief, not flushing the toilet every time won’t lead to a disgustingly malodorous bathroom — at least, as long as you and your housemates keep yourselves properly hydrated. (In fact, one of the most noticeable symptoms of dehydration is concentrated urine that tends to have a stronger smell than usual.) To avoid stubborn mineral deposits, flush after every 2 or 3 urinations and scrub down the inside of the bowl with a toilet brush, assisted by a little white vinegar if necessary.

Water Saving

Reducing the amount you flush won’t save you much cash either, only a few dollars per year. However, it will conserve something more precious than money … clean water. Older model toilets are water guzzlers, using anywhere from 3.5 to 7 gallons for every flush. That means reducing your flushing to every second time could save about 10,000 gallons of water annually.

When You Need to Flush Twice

If flushing the toilet every time you use it is less than optimal, flushing twice for one “go” is even worse. A buildup of lime scale under the toilet bowl rim will slow the flow of the flush water; try removing it with a paste of white vinegar and baking soda, left undisturbed for several hours. Should that prove unsuccessful, you may need to replace the flushing mechanism.

Placing a brick in your old-style toilet tank is occasionally recommended as a water-saving method. The concept behind this is that the volume of liquid the tank can hold, and therefore the volume per flush, will be reduced. While this is logical, dropping a brick into the tank may damage the mechanism. Some people also claim that the brick might disintegrate with time, causing even more serious problems. Substitute something like the natural rubber Drop-a-Brick for a similar effect that is easier on the plumbing. Check with a plumber before adding any kind of gizmo to your tank if you have a newer model toilet, though. Otherwise you might end up breaking the air lock, allowing the lovely scent of sewage to permeate your home.

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