Top 3 Uses for Chain Link Fences

You are about to install a fence, but which type? Well, this depends on your use for it as well as your location. There are many ways chain link fences are used in Denver, some are decorated for aesthetic reasons and some are specifically there for security. There are so many different ways you can use this material, but below we have found an opinion about the three main uses for it.

When it comes to versatility, chain link fences are the clear winner above all of the other fencing types. It can be used in almost any situation from a quiet backyard in a small town to a high security government installation. Since chain link is in use all over the United States there were a lot to choose from, but the top three uses for chain link were:

  1. Sports fields and facilities – The next time that you go to a football or baseball field, take a look around and notice how much chain link you can see. It is used all over the facilities for a variety of reasons. When you are selling tickets to games it will help to separate the paying from the nonpaying customers. It is often used to help layout the various areas so that the seating areas are kept separate from the player areas.

  2. Industrial buildings and factories – Industrial areas can have a lot of places that are too dangerous to wander around in. So, similar to the sports facilities, chain link fencing is often used to control access. It not only helps to keep trespassers out entirely but it helps to keep workers from going into places that they don’t belong.

  3. High-security facilities – Chain link is usually the first line of defense in a high-security area. It lets people know that they are not allowed beyond a certain area. Plus, if they take the time to try and cut through or climb the fence, it gives security personnel plenty of time to apprehend them.

    Top 3 Uses for Chain Link Fences


Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Eventually, all roofs wear out and need to be replaced. You don’t want to do it too soon, because you’ll waste money. But you also don’t want to wait too long, because then you’ll end up with leaks and expensive water damage. To get the timing right, you need to know how to assess the overall condition of your roof and identify early signs of roof failure.

Knowing which to do, repair or replace, is a decision that requires a detailed assessment. Because each requires a different process to complete, Dallas roofing contractors must be able to offer both options to customers. Repairs will prevent major damage, and allow a homeowner to push back the financial decision to replace the entire roof. Replacements usual happen when repairs are simply not enough. The integrity of your roof is important to its longevity and is well worth the investment to fix.

If you check the condition of your roof at least once a year, you should be able to plan in advance for necessary repairs. Early signs of trouble include dark areas on ceilings, peeling paint on the underside of roof overhangs, damp spots alongside fireplaces, and water stains on pipes venting the water heater or furnace. From the outside, you can assess your roof’s health by viewing it through binoculars. Warning signs include cracked caulk or rust spots on flashing; shingles that are buckling, curling, or blistering; and worn areas around chimneys, pipes, and skylights. If you find piles of grit from asphalt roof tiles in the gutters, that’s a bad sign, since the granules shield the roof from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Black algae stains are just cosmetic, but masses of moss and lichen could signal roofing that’s decayed underneath.

If you’re inspecting on your own and find worrisome signs, especially if the roof is old or there has been a storm with heavy wind or hail, get a professional assessment. Some roofing companies do this free; specialized roof inspectors, like those who work through the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association, charge about $175. Roofing: Repair or Replace?



14 Events In Chicago This Weekend

Our city has some exciting events this weekend! Get out and enjoy Chicago if you can! Stay dry and make sure your home stays dry as well. If you need any roof repair after all of this Chicago weather, we’re ready to help. Of Our Favorite Events In Chicago This Weekend: Chicagoist Weekends are for fun. We’ve got it right here.

THE ONE OF A KIND SPRING SHOW: The One Of a Kind shopping experience is back, this time for it’s annual spring show and sale all weekend at the Merchandise Mart. The showcase and shopping event features hands-on crafts and cooking demonstrations as well as accessories, home goods, paintings and much more for sale. Be sure to check out the Emerging Market, which highlights more than 30 first-time exhibitors and artists. Tickets are $10.

ZOMBIE CRAWL: The Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl has reached a milestone: ten years in Andersonville. Celebrate the anniversary by dressing up like you’re almost dead and on the hunt for brains (and beer). There will be two hordes meeting at The pH Comedy Theater and then crawling to bars like The Sofo Tap, Simon’s Tavern, Farragut’s and more at 2 p.m. Registration is $20 and includes a commemorative t-shirt, a souvenir cup, and access to drink specials and costume contest prizes. There’s also a Kids Zombie Adventure for your little undead from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

GREEK INDEPENDENCE DAY PARADE: Celebrate the 197th Anniversary of the Greek Declaration of Independence with the Hellenic Heritage Parade. Stepping off at stepping off at 2:30 p.m., the parade runs from Halsted and Randolph to Van Buren streets.

ADOPT A SHELTER PET DAY: Find your new best friend at one of two Chicago-area rescues waiving adoption fees for Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. Chicago Canine Rescue and One Tail at a Time are both offering fee-free adoptions for eligible dogs for one day only with the help of Barkworthies. For more woof-derful info, check out our post on the special day.


Air Conditioning is a “must do” for Millennials, Pasterkamp can help

At Pasterkamp we are here to help you with Denver air conditioning repair or a new installation no matter your age! If you are a Denver millennial who needs help with their heating or air conditioning give us a call. millennials are investing in Air Conditioning Millennials like to play it cool when it comes to the home improvement project they request more than any other from contractors in metro Denver.

Local millennials hire help for the installation of central air-conditioning units more than any other improvement, and it isn’t about them not being able to take the heat, according to a report from HomeAdvisor, a Golden company whose website links contractors with homeowners needing work done.

“That is a function of the older homes that millennials are buying,” said Brad Hunter, chief economist with HomeAdvisor.

Unable to afford new or near-new homes, millennials — the generation currently in their 20s and early 30s — are buying lower-cost properties with deferred maintenance. The average vintage of the homes they buy — 1984.

After air-conditioning units, which cost $5,250 on average to replace in metro Denver, additions represent the third most requested project by millennials. They average a pricey $40,825 and allow older and smaller homes to accommodate growing families.

Concrete driveway replacements rank fourth. At an average cost of $3,881, concrete represents a cheaper option over pavers. Drywall installation is the fifth most requested home improvement project, at an average cost of $1,639, and young homeowners in Denver are especially fond of adding closet space.

“When they buy a home, they don’t have a cash on hand to do all the projects. They take on the projects that have to get done right away,” Hunter said.

Tighter finances and uncertainty about getting a fair deal result in millennials tackling repairs and some improvements on their own, a task made easier with online instruction videos, Hunter said.

The most popular home improvement project in metro Denver among owners regardless of age are bathroom remodels. Unlike some of the “must do” projects, a remodel represents a “want to” project.

“Any kind of a room remodel is about the aesthetic you are going for. It is a whole separate category,” Hunter said. Other “want to” projects that make the top-five list of improvements, driven heavily by Baby Boomer spending, include building a deck or porch, average cost of $6,935, and installing a concrete patio, average cost of $2,443.


JNT Developers Can Help You Transform Your Home

At JNT Developers we can handle all of your Dallas roofing needs and we can also do a complete home remodel for you too. Big changes or small, we are ready to help you transform your home like these transformations:

Coverted Homes – 6 Houses That Used to Be Something Else – Bob Vila Why demolish an aging edifice when you can transform it into a dreamy dwelling designed for modern living? That adaptive spirit spurred the crafty conversion of this collection of homes whose former lives may surprise you. Take a look at the lavish and livable rooms situated inside these unusual structures, and see if you can figure out their unconventional exteriors.

This dreamy bedroom, together with the property’s kitchen, living room, and bathroom, packs its compact quarters with creature comforts you might expect to find at a cozy bed-and-breakfast. Double beds, spare but striking artwork, and convenient contemporary lighting lend flair to sleeping and living spaces. Natural materials, from the wooden paneling and ceiling beams to the neutral-toned bed linens, pay homage to the simple charms of agrarian life in the Europe of yesteryear.
Surprising though it seems, that rustic interior belongs not to a boutique European hotel, but rather, an old windmill. Built in 1874, the converted windmill continues to grace the Dutch countryside with its dramatic silhouette. Topped with a charming mansard roof and four graceful sails, the artfully adapted abode stands only a few miles from bustling Amsterdam, yet it transports travelers to a quieter time and place.
This little lodging is a mere stone’s throw from the beautiful beaches of Cardigan Bay, where Europe’s largest colony of dolphins makes its home. Inside, the oak-lined residence is as appealing as any other beachside cottage. With panel radiators and a living area equipped with a wood-burning stove, the interior stays warm and inviting all year round, no matter what it’s like outside.
If the interior of this property recalls a bygone era, that’s because it’s situated inside an ordinary railway carriage from a more genteel age. Voted among the top five “Best Spots to Enjoy the British Seaside” by “Condé Nast Traveler,” the little beach “house” offers plenty of windows, relics of its life on the tracks, from which to view the pristine western coast of Wales.
Comprising a basement, ground floor, three traditional floors, and a unique “in-between,” or half, floor, this towering seven-room property makes the most of its impressive vertical space. From the atmospheric fireplace and kitchen-diner on the ground floor, to the walk-in shower on the second floor, every room in the sky-high sanctuary is arranged with an eye toward maximizing space and utility.
That inviting interior sits inside the imposing exterior of this salvaged water tower. If you’re looking for proof of the property’s former life, you need only head to the third floor to check out the water tank originally used to catch rainwater runoff. Even so, not every feature of the lanky lodge dates back to the olden days. A fenced garden with a furnished terrace now stands on the grounds to give visitors a place to catch some rays and admire this architectural rarity.
The lofty ceiling and windows with pointed arches inside this ethereal interior exemplify the exquisite craftsmanship of the Carpenter Gothic style. An open floor plan encourages creative decorating and accommodates a main living area with two bedrooms and one bath as well as a cozy mother-in-law studio complete with one bedroom and one more at



Celebrate Arbor Day And Listen to the Trees

 At Expert Roofing we specialize in, you guessed it, Chicago roofing. While roofing might be what we spend our time doing we think it is important to remember the environment and this Arbor Day we want to remind you to take care of the environment. Gardening: Begin by Listening to Trees Trees Are Full of Sound

I spent several years listening to trees, opening my ears to them, paying attention to their voices. I found that trees were full of sound. Each sound tells a story about the tree’s life and its home. These stories are about interconnection: Trees are made of relationships.

A tree is not, despite appearances, a biological “individual.” Instead, it is a community of thousands of species all interacting in and around the tree. We can hear some of this conversation.

Regardless of where you are in the world, dawn arrives with a surge of sound from trees. This acoustic exultation is extraordinarily loud in the Amazon rainforest, a melding of the sounds of insects, birds, monkeys and wind in leaves. In Manhattan, the sylvan dawn chorus is of sparrows squabbling over nesting sites, the sound of passing subways and the voices of people greeting each other on the street.

These sounds are a manifestation of the inner nature of trees. Take away the connections between trees and their “social network,” and the trees wither and die. This is no metaphor or mystical fantasy. Every leaf is made not only of plant cells, but also of dozens of microscopic bacteria and fungi. Without these internal companions, the leaf is vulnerable to disease and drought. A leaf is a living community, dependent on connections.

The same is true in roots. The growing root tip is haloed by a glow of life, microbes and fungi in constant chemical communication with plant cells. The plant sends food to its companions, who respond with minerals and water.


Get Out and Have Some Fun in Dallas This Weekend

At Lon Smith Roofing we like the saying, “Work Hard Play Hard”. We think working hard is important because hard work is what drives good results. That’s why we only hire the best, hardest working Dallas roofers to work on your home. After a long day though it is important to get in a little of that play hard. This weekend is the perfect time to do just that. To Do In Dallas This Weekend: April 27-30 – D Magazine Take your dog to the Cotton Bowl, talk that literary city talk at the Dallas Book Festival, or go see PJ Harvey at the Bomb Factory.

The next time someone, perhaps a co-worker or an acquaintance making idle chat, asks you what you’re doing this weekend, make sure you’re ready. Answer them with gusto. Bury them in an onslaught of things that you are doing, a barrage so furious and full of information on happenings in and around Dallas, that they will never dare to ask you what you’re doing this weekend again. Tell them you’re going to see the Pixies, and you’re going to the Dallas Book Festival, and you’re going to see a movie, and take your dog to the Cotton Bowl, and if you have time, you’ll go grocery shopping and work on your screenplay.

Do as the Boy Scouts do, and be prepared.

PJ Harvey is about as brilliant as any English songwriter to ever carry a tune, and she doesn’t perform in these parts often: it’s been maybe 10 years since her last Dallas show. Whether you’re a fan of grungy, violently electrified early ’90s Harvey, or the more wistful, peacocked Harvey of the 2010s, she’s the complete package. I very strongly endorse going to this show at the Bomb Factory.

The Video Association of Dallas’ great but poorly named Dallas Medianale stands out in a overpopulated and underfished sea of hometown film festivals by virtue of being very, very unusual. Weekend screenings at the Dallas Contemporary, the Nasher, and the Green Zone are devoted to film’s most experimental fringes. It all kicks off tonight at the Texas Theatre with a three-part tribute to the avant-garde filmmaker Tony Conrad. First up, a documentary about the pioneering artist. Then, Conrad’s The Flicker, a short 1966 film that is not recommended for epileptics. Closing it out, live behind-the-screen performances inspired by the man’s music.

The Meyerson gets exceptionally lit this weekend as the Dallas Symphony Orchestra absolutely kicks out the jams: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Beethoven’s Sixth. The pastoral program repeats Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The USA Film Festival is happening now at the Angelika. Confused and alarmed about what this entails, or about what to see? Let this put your mind at ease.

Superstar essayist David Sedaris, whose thoughts on smoking and non-smoking I happened to read and enjoy this morning, packs out the Winspear.



Dallas high school ranks among 10 best in nation — and No. 1 in Texas

Dallas is such a great city to live in. We absolutely love this city, and one of the biggest reasons for that is the excellent education our kids get.

Our love for Dallas is exactly we buy houses from those who need to sell for whatever reason. We try to take care of our community so that no one needs extra stress added to their life. high school ranks among 10 best in nation — and No. 1 in Texas – CultureMap Dallas Dallas’ School for the Talented and Gifted is no stranger to accolades, and now it can add one more to its trophy shelf. U.S. News & World Report recently named it not only the No. 1 high school in Texas, but the fourth-best in the nation.

And with four more Texas schools joining it at the top, it’s in good company. The School of Science and Engineering in Dallas places third in Texas and No. 9 in the country, while Houston’s Carnegie Vanguard High School (No. 2 in Texas, No. 8 in the U.S.) and DeBakey High School for Health Professions (fourth in Texas and No. 18 nationally) also earn high marks. Austin’s Liberal Arts and Science Academy squeezes into the national list at No. 28, and gets a solid fifth in the Lone Star State.

All told, 589 Texas schools are in the 2017 list, which ranked 2,609 schools total.



Extreme Heat for Battle of Flowers Parade and Fiesta

If you are going out to enjoy the festival this weekend remember to bring some water because it is going to be a scorcher! And if you find that it’s getting too hot for you there is no shame in coming back to your fully-furnished apartment at Dwelling Suites and cranking the AC! issues level 3 heat advisory ahead of Battle of Flowers parade – San Antonio Express-News The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District has issued a high-level heat advisory for Friday and Saturday, where temperatures are expected to be in the mid-90s for the Battle of Flowers Parade and other Fiesta activities.

The heat index will be between 90 and 108 degrees for two consecutive days, making the notice a level III advisory, a Metro Health news release states.

The Battle of Flowers parade will wind its way through downtown San Antonio around noon Friday, when the National Weather Service projects it to be 94 degrees.

Food and music was the order of the evening Friday, April 21, 2017, in San Antonio’s central suburb Alamo Heights for Fiesta’s Annual Alamo Heights Night. All the usual suspects abounded, from funnel cakes and turkey legs to sausage on a stick and gorditas.

“Particularly with all the Fiesta activities taking place on Friday and Saturday, it is imperative that people drink plenty of water to prevent complications from the heat,” said Dr. Vincent Nathan, Metro Health assistant director.

Locals began claiming prime parade spots as early as Monday morning, and sightings of chairs, campsites and bleachers have slowly appeared on Broadway throughout the week.


Now is the Time to Check Your Homes Roof and Exterior

After the cold of the winter subsides and spring and summer head our way it is always good to check your home to make sure everything looks right. Snow and ice have frozen and thawed, water has poured, and the wind has blown. Your home’s exterior can take a beating protecting you from the elements. Our roofers at Interstate Roofing can take a look at your home and make sure your roof is holding up. Even if your roof is looking good you may need to give your siding a little TLC. To: Clean Exterior Siding – Bob Vila Day after day, year after year, exterior siding protects your home from the elements. It’s the first line of defense against an array of natural challenges, including howling winds, driving rain, hot sun, and bitter cold. Under the circumstances, it’s no wonder that grit and grime tend to accumulate over time. Savvy homeowners, as a result, incorporate exterior cleaning into their semiannual maintenance routines for a number of compelling reasons.

First, it cannot be ignored that the condition of your siding significantly influences the curb appeal of your home—that is, how it appears to visitors and casual passersby. Second, giving your siding a good once-over a few times a year gives you the chance to identify and address any problems early on, before they pick up steam and become extensive, expensive-to-resolve headaches that could steal years from the expected lifespan of the siding.

Indeed, from both an aesthetic and pragmatic perspective, it’s never wise to go long without giving a thought to the wood, brick, stucco, or vinyl that clads your home. Generally speaking, experts recommend seasonal inspection and cleaning as needed. But according to Jim Eldredge, a product manager with Sears Home Services, it’s essential to remember that “different siding materials carry different—often very different—care requirements.”

Continue reading below for expert advice on cleaning and caring for many of today’s best-known and most widely installed types of exterior siding.