Why your business’ appearance matters to customer impression


It is an important space because this is the space in which people make critical judgements. It needs to have the right lighting, colours and displays.

Designing the interior of your business is important when you want to make a strong impression on your clients. How do you do this? Lighting in addition to colors are the elements you want to consider when creating the perfect ambiance. Give your local Littleton electrician a call and we can help you make your business as inviting as possible.  

It is a well-known fact in the retail community that up to 90 per cent of people who enter your store or business will turn right. It is an unconscious decision, but one worth knowing when it comes to dressing your store or business premises. The path that you use to entice your customers through your store will vary in layout and size. Without a clear path, your store looks like a mish-mash of rails and clothing. This is too cluttered and too undefined to the eye, confusing your shopper or customer.

Consider your own actions when you enter another store – does the pay point sit at a natural stopping point or an obvious point?

Why your business’ appearance matters to customer impression

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