Celebrate Arbor Day And Listen to the Trees

 At Expert Roofing we specialize in, you guessed it, Chicago roofing. While roofing might be what we spend our time doing we think it is important to remember the environment and this Arbor Day we want to remind you to take care of the environment.

https://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/84702754/list/springtime-gardening-begin-by-listening-to-treesSpringtime Gardening: Begin by Listening to Trees Trees Are Full of Sound

I spent several years listening to trees, opening my ears to them, paying attention to their voices. I found that trees were full of sound. Each sound tells a story about the tree’s life and its home. These stories are about interconnection: Trees are made of relationships.

A tree is not, despite appearances, a biological “individual.” Instead, it is a community of thousands of species all interacting in and around the tree. We can hear some of this conversation.

Regardless of where you are in the world, dawn arrives with a surge of sound from trees. This acoustic exultation is extraordinarily loud in the Amazon rainforest, a melding of the sounds of insects, birds, monkeys and wind in leaves. In Manhattan, the sylvan dawn chorus is of sparrows squabbling over nesting sites, the sound of passing subways and the voices of people greeting each other on the street.

These sounds are a manifestation of the inner nature of trees. Take away the connections between trees and their “social network,” and the trees wither and die. This is no metaphor or mystical fantasy. Every leaf is made not only of plant cells, but also of dozens of microscopic bacteria and fungi. Without these internal companions, the leaf is vulnerable to disease and drought. A leaf is a living community, dependent on connections.

The same is true in roots. The growing root tip is haloed by a glow of life, microbes and fungi in constant chemical communication with plant cells. The plant sends food to its companions, who respond with minerals and water.


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