Mila Kunis Surprises Her Parents With a Condo Makeover

Before and afters are so much fun, especially when they’re a surprise! This before and after is so great not only because it’s Mila Kunis, but also because of the thoughtful consideration of each piece of furniture they used.

You can do the same thing for your parents or any significant person in your life. Our expert staff in each of our showrooms can help you design the perfect makeover. As one of the premier furniture stores in Denver, we strive to provide each customer a personalized touch. Visit one of our locations today!

Mila Kunis Surprises Her Parents With a Condo Makeover

Recently, Kunis decided to surprise her parents with a renovation of the living, dining and kitchen areas in the home. That way, when the growing extended family got together, her mother, who loves to cook, wouldn’t feel isolated in the kitchen from the group. The renovation is part of the latest episode of My Houzz, a video series documenting public figures as they surprise a close family member with a home renovation. The pilot episode of My Houzz featured Kutcher, who is an executive producer of the series.
For the project, Kunis used Houzz to search for a designer in the Los Angeles area and found Breeze Giannasio. “She had incredible reviews, and I loved her style, everything about her, and knew she was right for this project.” Kunis and Giannasio bought almost all the new furnishings and accessories from the Houzz Shop.


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