Porch Ceiling and Roof Options


When you begin to think about roofing projects on your home, have you ever thought about roofing over your porch? This design concept can really improve your relaxation or entertaining space while protecting the longevity of your porch. Protect it while protecting yourself from the elements. Depending on where you live, this can be needed. While your regular roof repair is being done in El Paso Texas, consider adding or improving the roof over your porch. 

Many homeowners like a classic drop ceiling with painted or stained beadboard for a traditional look. An open ceiling is another option, where the rafters that support the roof are left exposed. This is a more rustic choice, and you can use contrasting planks with the exposed rafters to add dimension and visual interest to your porch.

You want a well-built roof that will protect you from the elements, but you also need to give thought to the shape, size and style of the porch roof. Choose roofing materials that work with the slope or pitch of your porch roof.

For example, asphalt and cedar shingles are generally not considered a good choice for shallow-sloped roofs (a metal seamed roof would be a better choice). But if you have a steep-sloped roof, you have more options. Asphalt, concrete and clay tiles, cedar and slate are materials that are candidates for this type of roof.

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