Dancing with a little do si do may help fend off aging in the brain

Looks like the good old-fashioned square dance, AKA contra dancing, accompanied by a fiddle and a helpful caller, could keep older brains firing on all pistons.

Being able to dance and enjoy music is something that not only lifts our spirits but also has the power to make anyone feel young again. Denver-area nursing homes and assisted living facilities put a lot of work into finding fun ways to keep everyone active and social. Dance is such a good way to keep our minds working hard while also including physical movement.

Contra dancing here in Colorado is a popular way to get these types of activities into a routine. Research at CSU has found this type of dance has positives effects on the brain because of it’s active and social components. Read more here…

“But key changes are made during the course of a dance, which means participants have to stay on their toes.”


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