Winning Lotto Ticket Sold in San Antonio

Everyone in San Antonio is lucky, lucky to be in one of the greatest cities of all time. If you are staying in one of our furnished apartments in San Antonio, you are one of the lucky ones.

There is one San Antonian though who is just a little bit luckier than the rest of us.$27 million winning Lotto ticket sold in San Antonio – San Antonio Express-News A San Antonian just became a multimillionaire overnight.

The Texas Lottery announced Sunday in a tweet and on its website that the winning ticket for Saturday night’s Lotto Texas drawing, with a jackpot worth $27.25 million, was sold at the H-E-B at 2130 Culebra Road on the West Side.

The object of Lotto Texas is to pick six numbers between 1-54, with prizes ranging from $3 to the amount of the jackpot, in this case $27.25 million, depending on the number of correct picks. Saturday night’s winning numbers were 21, 25, 27, 30, 36 and 48. The player chose the cash value option, according to the website.

Texas Lottery officials have not released any further information on the winning ticket and whether the top prize has been claimed.

The Texas Lottery has raised more than $25 billion in revenue for “good causes” in the state of Texas since 1992, according to its official website.

Congratulations to the winner, now we are off to buy a ticket of our own!

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