Faucets Making Noises?

Is your faucet too loud? Have you ever thought about doing something about it? Here at Go Direct we focus on plumbing repair , including issues like such. You may be intrigued to fix it yourself, but don’t rush to such a decision. It may be best to hire a plumber. Know your the causes and options before tackling the monster yourself!

http://www.homeadvisor.com/r/faucets-make-noise/#.WNwZWxLyvR0Loud Faucets & How to Repair | HomeAdvisor  Do your faucets bang and grumble when you turn them on? Do the sounds coming from behind your wall make you nervous when you’re running a bath? Not to worry. Here’s a quick list to help you identify the cause of your faucets’ noises.

If your pipes are too small, distributing water can result in screeching or banging coming from your faucet. In new homes, this is simply a case of small piping. If you have an older home, you could have mineral build up in your pipes restricting your flow. In either case, it’s best to hire a plumber to take a look. If you do have smaller piping or build up, you may need to install new pipes.

Most likely, a loose washer within your faucet itself is causing your noises. Tightening or replacing your washer will eliminate the unwanted sounds. If your faucet continues to make noise, check your washer seat. A clogged seat will cause a humming or whistling sound. Via homeadvisor.com

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