Safety Is ALWAYS Our Priority

At Neighborhood Restoration Company you know we are experts in roofing. We have been repairing and replacing Chicago roofs for over a decade. You might not realize that we are also experts in safety and continuously work with OSHA standards to keep our employees safe.

This is an important part of our business because first and foremost we care about the people on your roofs but it also helps you have peace-of-mind knowing that we are taking all the necessary precautions to prevent anyone from tumbling off your roof.

Unfortunately, not all roofers out there follow the strict OSHA guidelines that we do and they pay the price. issues $155K fine for IL roofing contractor that ‘continues to ignore’ fall protection standards | Construction Dive

OSHA has a few fall prevention initiatives underway, including its Stop Falls online information center and its ongoing Fall Prevention Campaign. Both provide guides and other tools to help employers reduce fall risks.

The pursuit of fall protection violators continues to be a priority for OSHA. The agency said that, as construction activity increases, falls are still the leading cause of construction worker death.  See more…

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