Are You Looking for Some Backyard Flair?

We at Lon Smith Roofing are proud to handle your Dallas roofing needs and one of the things that make our work so enjoyable is seeing all of the neat ways that you all create unique landscapes around your homes. We are always in search of new inspiration and thought that you might like a little bit of your own in return.

Fire pits are great for outdoor gatherings and there are so many ways that you can fit one into your backyard decor. Check out some of these ideas below!| BHG Style Spotters I don’t know if there’s anything better than sitting around a bonfire eating toasty marshmallows and listening to crackling wood. Here are just a few inspiring fire pits I can’t keep off my mind.

1) Do you have a unique landscape feature that goes unused? Convert it into a fire pit! Lucy couldn’t keep the fish in her koi pond because of predators. Instead of constantly restocking, she let the water-feature dry out. Now it makes a beautiful addition to her patio. See more…


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