A Last Minute Treat

We tried to remind you yesterday, but we get it, it was Monday and you had a lot going on. You forgot to make those reservations. Now you are in a tight spot with no plans, but fear not Interstate Roofing is here to save the day again.

We scoured the internet to find a place where you can pick up a last minute treat that is sure to make you look prepared.

http://gazette.com/bakeries-prepared-for-valentines-day-crushes-luckily-for-their-forgetful-customers/article/1596653Bakeries prepared for Valentine’s Day crushes – luckily for their forgetful customers
On Tuesday, the lobby of Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery will fill up with forgetful lovers.

Some will order heart-shaped cookie cakes adorned in icing with “Honey,” “Baby” or “Boo Bear.” Others will opt for the traditional romantic fare of chocolate-dipped strawberries and cheesecakes. The most desperate among them will go with “whatever you have left” or “whatever you think she’d like.”

A few will be women. Most will be men.

“We’ll cover all their butts, make it look like they planned it all out,” said Erin Rodda, the bakery’s general manager.


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