Are you looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day dinner spot?

You put it off till the very last minute, you forgot, or your other plans fell through.  We’ve all been there scrambling at the last minute to put together some plans for a nice Valentine’s Day dinner. If you are still figuring it out don’t worry, Dwelling Suites is here to give you some ideas. most popular San Antonio restaurants for Valentine’s Day 2017 – San Antonio Express-News Open Table, a dining reservation site, hosts a list of top-rated eateries that allow customers to book their dinner dates online. In doing so, the website generates a number of bookings made each day.

The most-booked places on the popular reservation site for Valentine’s Day 2017 range from the downtown area to Stone Oak. Open Table told many larger businesses have higher bookings simply because they have a higher capacity.

For more options on where to woo your loved one, Open Table pointed to their list of the “most romantic” restaurants in the city. The company said the list was compiled based off verified-diner reviews.

To see the list of most popular, most-booked restaurants this year, check out the gallery above.


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